70s male singers with long hair

Answer (1 of 2): In my opinion: 1. Jim Morrison of The Doors (Nothing beats his young lion mane) 2. Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin (I like the texture of his hair) 3. Roger Daltrey of The Who 4. Kurt Cobain of Nirvana 5. Axl Rose of Guns and Roses (He rocked it.

From Kurt Cobain and Johnny Depp to Jared Leto and Chris Hemsworth, check out the best male actors with long hair below! Sometimes, if not all the time, the hairstyles and looks that celebs don become more popular than their movies or work. Here are 18 such male actors with long hair that’s both stylish and.

Long hairstyles for men have become ever more popular lately, thanks to the likes of Jason Momoa, Harry Styles and Jared Leto. There are lots of benefits to rocking flowing lengths, from having to visit the barbers less frequently to being able to change up your look with styles like the man bun.. Whether you're thinking about growing your hair out or are already sporting an impressive mane.




3. Johnny Depp 90s Heartthrob Hairstyle. Fresh-faced and young and long before his Pirates of the Caribbean and Jack Sparrow days, Johnny Depp used to wear his hair short but with significantly longer tresses in the front, curtain bangs-style. This was one of the quintessential heartthrob hairstyles of this decade. B. B. KING (70's was his best music) B. J. Thomas Babe Ruth The Babys Bachman Turrner Overdrive Bad Company Badfinger Band, The (The Band) Barbara Streisand Barry White Bay City Rollers Beach Boys Beaver Brown Band Bee Gees Belamy Brothers Big Star Bill Haley & His Comets Bill Withers Billy Joel Billy Preston Black Oak Arkansas BLACK SABBATH.

Even though when you hear 'deep voice' you instantly think of a male person, there are female singers who have an absolutely stunning deep voices like Cher, Toni Braxton, and Amy Winehouse.

Longer-length hair can still have some great shaping. Actress Natasha Lyonne allows her dyed red locks to look both shaggy and elegant at the same time. This look is easy to get by way of letting hair air-dry and spraying in plenty of sea spray, like Herbivore Botanicals Coconut Sea Mist Texturizing Salt Spray ($20).